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What tha hell is ElloCam?

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I just don't know what da hell is ElloCam what the Ello word exactly mean? I just don't know got no idea about that amazing site . but at least i know it's a cam random chat site so yeah I guess Ello means Hello ! am i right? who knows man . I just got addicted to this site everyday just going to it and have some fun with some strangers got my cam on and showing them my thing lol . was kidding guys lol Ello is a good cam chat option for guys like me that want kill some time or want to chat with random girls . when i got bored i just go to ElloCam to find someone to talk to and this site really made my day with that weird name Yay just say Ello to me, Lmfao.

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dating chat tips

What will impress you on the first date?

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Cliche as it may sound but first impressions really last. Men and women have different views on what “impressive first date” means. Here is what they have to say:


“Intelligent conversations. No dull moments.”

“Straightforward girls will definitely attract a second date.”

“Nothing traditional or conservative.”

“No leg hair!”

“Red is sexy!”

“Confident gal! Someone who suggests where to go or she knows what she wants to eat. Nothing like, IT’S UP TO YOU.”

“Vanilla scent perfume. But not too much. Or citrus scented cologne”

“The girl has to be in the moment, not drifting somewhere or sending text messages.”

“How she treats the waiter. I will not ask for a second date from someone who yelled at a waiter or manager.”

“Can carry a conversation but not to the point of manipulating the discussion. I don’t like Me, Myself and I girls!”


“Confidence. It’s just a waste of time to date shy guys!”

“A true gentleman who will open the door for me. Subtly compliments me.”

“Sense of humor! A funny guy without trying too hard.”

“A person who is creative as to where we will go. Somewhere different like carnivals or game arcade. I don’t want to get bored the whole time I’m with him.”

“Same interests. I love books and hanging out in a bookstore. So a guy who can talk about books with me is really ok!”


“Fashion style. The way he carries himself. Good stance.”

“Great conversations. Can talk about almost anything under the sun.”

“Witty men! Smart dudes! It irritates me when my date only knows about basketball and NBA.”

“If he pays for the dinner!”

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Gay Dating Sites

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You are obviously in the right place if you wanna know which are the best gay sex chat websites are for men. But first, you have to know what you are looking for. Are you searching for just FUN overnight or true love that can go beyond? Fortunately, the internet can provide us the information relevant to what we are longing for, but there’s just too much and the truth is you only need one complete article to read all the stuff you need, right?

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Mature Dating Sites

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Adult Dating can be disheartening especially if you have been in this dating scene for years. Sometimes you just feel like considering terminating your membership online. It’s just seemed to be unfair, knowing that your friends have found their mates but you are still here checking other member’s profile.

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